Whispered Sculptures by Maddie Exton.

Art Station is curating this online space for new work, interactions with audience and exploring the creative use of virtual space.

The inaugural project is Whispered Sculptures by Maddie Exton.

Maddie Exton is an artist and writer based in East Anglia. In her own words, she makes thing and makes things happen. In other words, she is multidisciplinary, with works focusing on gestures and poetics. She received a scholarship from East Anglian Art Fund to study at Norwich University of The Arts, graduating in 2020.

Whispered Sculptures follows the journey of a fictional sculpture through a game of digital ‘Chinese whispers’.

Using various social medias to connect 16 people, an audio file detailing a sculpture was passed from person to person. As it changes through circulation, we see how digital communication both helps and hinder our interactions. This film spotlights how stories are a deeply human from of connection.