We’ve been talking to our community: Local people in Saxmundham, residents, business and artists, makers, creatives in Saxmundham and in coastal Suffolk. The comments below are from a consultation in Feb 2020 and comments people made during the crowdfunder in April 2020.

This is a fantastic initiative & will be a much needed boost for the local creatives and the community beyond. It will provide a much needed creative hub to bring together artists/creatives. It will extend access, positivity and possibility to the broader community. What an energising vibe it will bring to Saxmundham!

Empty space is so sad.  It’s a big flexible space and it’s a great idea.

Absolutely great idea.  Having a business on the high street makes you realise that empty spaces are not the best idea in any town.  Its great that any vacant spaces can be utilised especially if for the community.

It would bring people here no one wants to come to a town that is shut up you can’t just rely on holiday makers. It needs to be busy all the year.  They have to move away at the moment.

People need new skills need to keep developing skills.

Definitely having work experience here is good; it its great to offer other opportunities too.

More creative businesses are beneficial.

Brilliant asset for Sax and surrounding area.

Wonderful project. A hub with facilities like these is just what tech-focused creatives need to put rocket fuel in their projects! Much-needed in a part of Suffolk with such patchy and unequal access to proper network speeds.

Brilliant idea, it will be a perfect mix of arts & tech, and will energise the town for leisure and business.

Excited to hear that the project originally planned for the station will now be in a larger space.

Wonderful building and fantastic project. So good for Saxmundham and the surrounding area.

An excellent project that will further help the revival of Sax, and in a brilliant building.

What an inspiring and much needed project.

We’re really happy to support this initiative in our home town. It’s going to be a great addition to Saxmundham. It’s really exciting.

I think that anything to get people to come into the town has got to be good for the town as a whole.  Saxmundham used to be a thriving market town and over the years we have watched it decline so anything that encourages people to come in and perhaps new people to come in that wouldn’t have come otherwise.