We’ve been talking to our community: Local people in Saxmundham, residents, business and artists, makers, creatives in Saxmundham and in coastal Suffolk.

“Triumph! Great variety! Loved it all.”

“Great work- good to see shows of this quality in Saxmundham!”

“Wow- ‘Top of the Tree’. Brilliant ‘Art Station.’ Brilliant ART.”

“This exhibition got under my skin alright- I’ll be back.”

“Perfect art space, talented artist, thought-provoking work.”

“Absolutely brilliant, mind-blowingly good- loved every bit of it.”

Heads and Tails, Abigail Lane exhibition, 2023

“Eye opening demonstration of the breadth and diversity of digital art. Just what Suffolk needs!”

“Quite immersive, very clever. Could spend some time getting lost!”

“Excellent show. It’s great to see new emerging artists here in East Coast Suffolk. Well done!”

“Excellent and fascinating work in a great space! Saxmundham (and East Anglia) are lucky to have The Art Station. Looking forward to coming back.”

“Brilliant, very exciting and great for Saxmundham.”

Player Piano, group exhibition, 2023

“So lovely to see two inspiring artists with interesting work which goes beyond conventional display methods.”

“This is a remarkable exhibition for the visual arts.”

“Incredible clarity in message conveyed. Informative and very relevant for today’s society- beautiful sensitive curation.”

“Great to see this in Saxmundham! I loved it! Thank you!”

“Amazing, amazing show- truly beautiful and smart. Enormous congratulations!”

Sightline, group exhibition, 2023

“Some objects eerily evocative. Fascinating reinvention of the building. Will be back for subsequent exhibitions.”

“Great show, sounds & objects. Love the film upstairs. This is a ‘real’ art school.”

“It is such a delight to see the capabilities of the contemporary exhibition lens in Suffolk. Thank you for bringing joy like this and thought/inspiration to the countryside.”

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, group exhibition, 2022

‘A really fresh, tactile and humorous perspective on ceramics – particularly loved the performance and video pieces!’

‘Really interesting, gorgeous building. My two boys were inspired.’

‘Inspiring me to get working again – so many ideas’

‘A joy to see some creative ceramics!’

‘Wonderful visit in fascinating space! Thanks’

DIRTY WORK part ONE. 2022

‘Being able to take part in the performance was absolutely thrilling and then finding out we would be gifted the heads made from the balls of clay was marvellous.’

DIRTY WORK part ONE performance by William Cobbing, 2022

‘Really good pieces of work and really friendly people.’

‘Good to see use of the building and the community and I liked the flags’  

‘Love it! Light worked well this evening. See you soon!’

‘Wonderful, especially in the evening light. Thank you! ‘

‘Excellent artwork.’ 

‘Very jolly flags !’

Flags exhibition, group show, 2022

‘What a show! Thank you for hosting such an electric vibrant performance artist. I enjoyed it immensely!’

‘Amazing! Chaotic with child-like play’

‘An incredible performance, so unexpected and a great use of such an incredible building’

‘Fantastic to see such a colourful, energetic performance in Saxmundham. Thank you Art Station for bringing this to Suffolk!’

A Priori live performance, Alex Costello, 2022

‘Marvellous space- impressive collection of varied work, with great interdisciplinary detail’

‘An intriguing and beautiful collection of works. I really enjoyed listening to Helen talk about the methods and meanings behind her work.’

‘A beautiful space and show, we feel inspired to visit again and look forward to it. Thank you for all your work here!’

‘So many amazing paintings! The impact in the space was very powerful’

Book of Hours exhibition, Helen Gilbart, 2022

Large room with colourful vinyl shapes on window

‘What a great event and great venue. Brilliant for the community bringing dynamism and new life to the centre that so needs it’

‘Wow! Fiona’s work completely transforms this beautiful building. It looks amazing inside and glows at night. Fantastic!’

‘Thank you Art Station for bringing new life to this incredible building. Such a joyous exhibition.’

‘A fantastic exhibition! Fiona’s work is so uplifting’

Connection Points exhibition, Fiona Grady, 2022 

‘ Really enjoyed seeing such delicate and well observed drawings on both small and large scale. It drew our attention to often overlooked geological specimens and expanse of time’ 

‘We loved the connection between then and now, pulling a thread through time. Thanks for making us think about the themes!’ 

 ‘The exhibition was wonderful, beautiful work, I really like the ephemeral quality about it, the text and the way you can find yourself in the past.’ 

Artist in residence showcase, Mahal de Man, 2022 

‘I’ve had a lovely time. I didn’t know what to expect, it turned up on Facebook last night, and just the mood took me. And it’s everything I hoped it would be and more. I got to spend a lovely time outside, got to meet some really interesting people, and I’m getting to draw in the first time for twenty years!’

‘We enjoyed getting to know Saxmundham in a different way and meeting other families.’

‘My daughter and I loved sitting amongst the trees and drawing them, and doing something new.’

Nature Walks workshop, 2022 

‘The Art Station’s space is really unique, especially given all the other artists and creative people around – there’s not many places that would offer a place like this to experiment and play with.’ 

‘I enjoyed meeting Laura and chatting to the artist behind the work I was. looking at. A unique experience’

‘Interesting to see what happens behind the yellow door, a wonderful building with lots of great things happening in it’

Laura Such, artist in residence, January 2022 

‘What a great conversation between the exhibition and the building. The final destination (Emily Richardson’s 3 films) was so resonant – modernism playing through different decades with the 50’s spaces and shapes around. Congratulations.’

‘Amazing space. What a great opportunity for visual arts in Suffolk!’

‘Full of wonderful surprises! A fantastic building with spaces that will be well used. Great resource for this area.’

HERE exhibition, group show, 2021 

group of people gathers in large room to look at the artwork

‘Fantastic exhibition. Really unique and thought provoking. Also, such a good use of the space; a real asset to the town. Thank you.’

‘Fabulous show and arrangement of art. The space is extraordinary and lends itself so well to this exhibition. Well done.’

‘So exciting to have this quality show, artist and gallery space. Well done to all of you who have made this happen.’

HERE exhibition, group show, 2021 

‘I think it’s great that it’s all still here, it’s real history and it’s not every day that you can just walk into an old telephone exchange.’

‘It was very interesting, took me back quite a few years for sure, to see the technology from those days still around. I do hope you can keep this in some exhibition format for the future generations to see how things worked before the internet.’

‘It was fascinating, it would be great if you kept it as a permanent fixture. Maybe get some more of the telecoms equipment, show how it works.’

Telephone Exchange Project, 2021