An online exhibition produced by art students of Suffolk New College, Ipswich.

TRANSITION (Noun) the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.)

TRANSITION is an online project providing young artists the tools to adapt and be resilient to change with the current climate.

For this project, students have worked independently within a varied range of media and workshop sessions including: printmaking, fine art, painting, fashion and textiles and photography. The resulting new work has been digitally documented to produce images and gifs of their work that are presented to the public through this virtual exhibition, giving the students exposure and live work experience.

Thomas Burrows

Morpho and Friends

Morpho and Friends is about a group of plasticine characters coming to life and finding out they are alive. This was all animated spontaneously, so there is no actual plot or summary to the storyline. It is just characters walking around and doing either nothing or just doing small things, such as presenting slapstick humour.

Some of the characters were either based on the robot characters from Portal 2, tribbles from Star Trek, skutters from Red Dwarf, Catdog, American TV show Big Mouth, James Huson’s merry Christmas claymation and many other projects. I chose to do this, because they are my favourite kinds of TV shows, movies, video games, books and others, either as an adult now or when I was a child.

One of the characters is called Morpho. He is the orange shape-shifting character and he is based on British plasticine model Morph. Morpho has the ability to shape-shift into different shapes and sizes. He is also the main protagonist of the entire group, hence the title, Morpho and Friends.

I was trying to create an animation for young adults and older children, to expand on my audience range, because I sometimes have ideas just for young adults or older, but I was also trying to show I can have ideas both for adults and children, even if they are separate.

I hope you enjoy and/or enjoyed this project.

I also have a YouTube channel for animations and videos, where I create my own sort of shows, pilots, movies or drafts. I have a lot of past projects I did in college when I was working in Media and Art.
Thomas Burrows

I also have another YouTube channel, where in the Comments, I create paragraphs called “In A Nutshells”, where I use funny words and bad grammar to humourise any plot line of any movie, show, video game, book or other.
Tom Burrows

Creating work on the theme of TRANSITION these young artists have explored a new found reinvention of self within local, wider and global communities.

In this unique year artists have been unable to exhibit and share work in a physical space. One of the greatest challenges that the creative industries and artists have had to cope with during the pandemic is how to reach an audience. This means being adaptable and changing how we think and approach reaching them.