Sightline - an exhibition of work by Patrisiya Banova and Melisa Novotna.

Opening event: Saturday April 1st, 12 – 4 pm

01/04/23 – 22/04/23

Mon to Saturday 12 to 4 pm* 

Closed for Easter bank holiday on 07/04 and 10/04

*By appt at all other times, contact / 07927770421 

Sightline is an exhibition of new work by two recent graduates from University of Suffolk – Melisa Novotna and Patrisiya Banova who both explore looking and seeing in their work.

Melisa Novotna focusses on painting in the expanded field, intertwined with technological mediums such as photography and film, in particular the cinematic aesthetic of these mediums. Her work is concerned with ideas around the gaze – surveillance, being observed, and observing. By engaging the viewer in the act of spectating, Novotna surreptitiously invites them to play the role of participant.

Patrisiya Banova’s fascination with line, has led to an interest in the visual representation and function of brainwaves. Her work draws attention to the body’s vital subconscious processes. Present, 2023, is a continuous indigo yarn which travels across the room, representing a beta brain wave which occurs when the body is present and alert. As the viewer’s line of sight tracks the yarn, their brain undergoes a similar process, that of engaging in the moment. The artist encourages a space for reflection, and states: “we don’t have to know much about how our brain works to appreciate it.”

Art Station would like to express our appreciation for funding from East Suffolk Council Events, Arts and Culture Grant (UK Shared Prosperity Fund), and Arts Council England. In collaboration with University of Suffolk.