Art Station Film, March 2024

We are delighted to be showing a selection of films from the Slow Film Festival, London for Art Station Film’s March edition. The Slow Film festival gives a platform to filmmakers whose work engages with time and duration on screen. From a film made in painter Howard Hodgkin’s home and studio to portraiture in an alpine glacier photographic studio, the nocturnal movements of working women in the Ruhr and a man dedicated to making drawings from solar observations this programme of carefully observed films by Matthew Burdis, Melanie Manchot, Davide Palella and Yotam Ben-David is one not to miss!

Friday 22 March


The Old Bank, 24 High Street, Saxmundham, IP17 1AE

We are anticipating this to be a very popular event, booking is essential as there is limited seating in the venue.

Interior (The Spectator), Matthew Burdis

Interior (The Spectator) contemplates Burdis’ relationship to the painter Howard Hodgkin, through working at his home and studio. The film is narrated by Willem Dafoe. The highly personalised domestic interior of Hodgkin’s London home becomes a container to explore this relationship: as objects and belongings draw out themes of personal loss, memory and identity.

Sonnenstube, Davide Palella

Sergio Cortesi dedicated his life to solar observation. At the Specola Solare in Locarno, between 1957 and 2021, he made over fifteen thousand sunspots drawings, driven by the faith of a monk to whom his own god never gave an answer.

Perfect Mountain, Melanie Manchot

Perfect Mountain examines the production and construction of memories in the context of mass tourism and mountain industries. High up on an alpine glacier, a photostudio produces portraits of an endless stream of visiting tourists, most on their grand European tour from Middle and Far Eastern countries.

Liquid Skin, Melanie Manchot

Between dusk and dawn, ‘in the shadows of time’, nine women, who all perform night-time labour, take us on a tour of sites linked by history, economics and events shaping the post-industrial landscape of the Ruhr region in Germany.

Have You Seen That Man, Yotam Ben-David

An 8 years-old boy finds a dead man’s body at a top of a mountain. As he knocks on the doors of the village, trying to solve the mystery, a portrait of a village is revealed – a place in transition between the traditions of the past and the violence of contemporary reality.

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