Art Station Film is a monthly film event showing artists’ film and moving image, programmed by filmmaker Emily Richardson in conjunction with exhibitions in the gallery.

March edition screening: The Nuclear Programme will include a new film by artist filmmaker Rachel Irons, Under Great Water.

Friday 24th March, 7pm.

Under Great Water explores the Bradwell Power Station on the Dengie Peninsula in Essex, through the entwined voices of its cohabitants. Bradwell A is a disused power station that will haunt the marshes for another 60 years before demolition, the site next to Bradwell A is a site of the contentious proposed Nuclear power station, Bradwell B.
Under Great Water considers the stature of Bradwell A over the landscape, inhabiting a nature reserve, overseeing the return of Birds of Prey to the Blackwater, a witness to rising sea levels on a marsh whose seawalls struggle to defend.
The narration sinks into the repetitive but unmoving marsh temporality and gets stuck there. Infection follows the narration and considers insidious change in those who chose to remain.