Henry Driver

Henry Driver is a digital artist and game developer. He creates projects that connect us to our environment and presents achievable responses to climate change.

He has shown work across the world and his videos have been broadcast in over 40 countries. In the UK he has shown at numerous galleries including Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain, Whitechapel, and Barbican.

Henry Driver will be showing a special one-off installation of WaterPortals, an interactive digital journey exploring the microscopic world of water, for The Art Station. Take a chance to explore these magnificent microbes within our rivers, lakes and seas, and understand their important ecological roles, as well as the threat they now face from climate change.

Henry Driver website: https://www.henrydriverartist.com

Emily Richardson

Emily Richardson is an artist filmmaker who makes films about the trace of human presence and our changing relationship with the environment and landscape.

Richardson’s films have been shown in galleries, museums and festivals internationally including Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London, Pompidou Centre, Paris, Barbican Cinema, London; Anthology Film Archives, New York and Venice, Edinburgh, BFI London, Rotterdam and New York Film Festivals.

Emily will be screening her latest film, Arboreal, throughout the night at The Old Bank.

Emily Richardson website: https://emilyrichardson.org.uk

Edgefield Dance Company

Edgefield Dance Company is a company of trained dancers living and working in Suffolk under the artistic direction of Deborah Watkins Jones.

Deborah Watkins Jones draws on an interest in spaces, places and relationships as the inspiration for her choreography. She looks within her work at how they affect us and our movement and how we in turn effect change on then.

Edgefield’s performance will be an evoking response to Emily Richardson’s film, Arboreal.

Edgefield Dance Company website: https://www.edgefielddancecompany.com

Wonderful Beast

The Wonderful Beast Singers present two free performances (17:00 and 18:30) of songs and mythical tales. Led by Rob Gildon and Wonderful Beast’s Alys Kihl, with composer Martina Schwarz on accordion, the performances are set within an immersive arboreal environment created by film-maker, Emily Richardson, Emma Bernard, director and tale-spinner, will cast us back into a world where trees could talk and Green Ladies danced in the moonlight, when elders were witches and oak trees Gods of Thunder.

Wonderful Beast website: http://www.wonderfulbeast.co.uk