CMYK Risograph Workshop: Translating A Photograph Into A Four Colour Print

£45.00 3 hours

This workshop is aimed at adults who would like to print photographs with Risography
using the CMYK process.

Dates and Times:  1-4pm / Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd November 2023

You will learn how to prepare your image to print in separate layers. We will separate the
images into channels, edit them and get them ready for Riso printing. We will then print a
four-colour edition for each participant. Our soya-based Risograph inks are not matched to
CMYK so there will be a slight colour variation, as well as the lovely ‘grain touch’ textural
quality achieved with the Risograph printing process. This is a workshop for people
interested in experimenting with full-colour photographs or imaged. All participants will
come out of the workshop with an edition of ten A4 prints.

Important: Please bring a colour photograph on a memory stick or email it to
[email protected] in advance. This is the image we will print with on the day.
Participants can bring their own laptop, especially if they have photoshop installed as they
can split the images themselves. If you don’t have a specific photograph in mind as long
as you have a colour image in JPG format we can work with anything! For example
scanned magazine clippings, collages or digital artworks.

Four places are available per session.
Price: £45