The Art Station, along with a group of over 20 cultural and educational organisations across East Suffolk, are forming a new Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) for East Suffolk and would like to commission some research and analysis of the current cultural education landscape in and around the District, to lead the formation of a strategy and outcomes for the LCEP.

There are currently LCEPs in place in Lowestoft, Ipswich and West Suffolk but as yet there isn’t one for East Suffolk. There are specific challenges to supporting creativity in East Suffolk – a large area, with lots of small market towns but also a great opportunity to work and collaborate with the dynamic creative community that is here. Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge are supporting the formation of the East Suffolk LCEP and the development and funding of this Brief.

What we need:
We’re looking to support the set-up of this new LCEP. The steering group have established the need to have a clear picture of both the current cultural provision within and around the District; as well as the needs of the schools, colleges and young people who live in East Suffolk. The research, which will need to combine both desk research and consultation with cultural providers, families, community, young people (ages 10 – 25) and teachers; will be essential in helping to inform the next steps of the LCEP.

Key Deliverables:
● Conduct research to produce a written report, including any statistical data from named sources, that provides us with a clear and up to date picture of the cultural provision in East Suffolk and an overview of nearby cultural provision accessible to East Suffolk young people.
● Present these findings to the LCEP steering group in person
● Conduct (online, telephone or in person) consultation with a range of cultural organisations, young people and teachers, and survey(s), to establish answers to the following key questions:

○ How can cultural opportunities be offered to schools so that they are more likely to be taken up? (This question relates to format of the offer, frequency, type of activity, duration, cost and location)
○ What is the decision making process in East Suffolk schools that facilitates engagement with cultural opportunities in school, and how can this be supported by teachers and cultural providers?
○ How do children and young people engage with arts and culture in East Suffolk currently and what do they feel is needed to help them engage more?
○ Are there particular needs of primary, secondary and SEN schools that need specifically addressing to help them form meaningful links with cultural organisations?
○ Is there a model for the way in which cultural organisations can work together to better support cultural education in East Suffolk?

● With reference to the research and the consultation, make recommendations as to what could be the strategic focus of the LCEP steering group over its first two-three years of operation, in order to make a positive impact on cultural education for children and young people in East Suffolk.

The Practicalities
We wish to appoint the person or organisation before 21st November 2022 and to commence work later that month, with the plan completed by the end of March 2023.We anticipate spending up to £3000 on this work.
NB: The amounts indicate maximum total spend and includes VAT where applicable.

Next steps:
If you or your organisation is interested, please write to us outlining why your experience means you’re suitable for carrying out this work; how you would carry out this Brief, including examples of recent relevant work (can be web links) and the details of two referees. We will be in touch with those we’re interested in pursuing to arrange a Zoom conversation in the week of 14th November 2022.

The deadline to submit is midday on 9th November 2022.
Please email it to: [email protected]
To arrange an informal chat about the Brief, please email: [email protected]