Art Station Film May edition will take place in the Saxmundham Museum which has its very own microcinema. Saxmundham Museum charts the history of the town through some remarkable artefacts including a replica head of Claudius found in the River Alde in 1907. The evening will be an opportunity to visit the museum and see Over the Horizon, a film installation Emily Richardson made with Chris Watson on Orford Ness.

Over the Horizon refers to the failed radar system developed by the Americans on Orford Ness during the Cold War. Until recently the building that housed it and its aerial field were then used to broadcast the BBC World Service to Europe. The film explores through photography and sound the memory of a place, the remnants of history and evidence of stories true or rumoured.

Friday 19th May, starting at 7pm*

The Saxmundham Museum

Parking outside Library. * The film is 20 minutes long and will run on a continuous loop –

drop in anytime from 7 pm. Refreshments provided.

Still from Over the Horizon